Innovation Ecosystem

A unique set of assets aimed to provide support along the life cycle of your company’s growth and development to co-create solutions and rapidly bring them to market.




Research & Development Center

A unique workspace, thoughtfully designed to promote collaboration among thought leaders offering everything your business needs to grow.

What if your company was located among medical research experts in Health Village? What if talking to a world leader in medicine was as easy as walking across the hall? What if each of your top thinkers spent their days among other top thinkers? That’s what our Research and Development Center is all about, in Health Village.

It’s 500,000 square feet of thoughtfully-designed office space, strategically arranged to promote collaboration among the very best in their fields. 

Research Enterprises

A global pacesetter in research with clinical and translational research across eight AdventHealth campuses that operate under one license, one medical staff and one IRB.

Research will play a vital role in the future of health care, and with clinical and translational research across eight AdventHealth campuses we are a global pacesetter in that research. With more than 500 active clinical trials, we collaborate with internal and external alliances across the globe.

Some of our top research institutes in Health Village include:

What the team at Research Enterprises learns will improve treatment methods and increase the quality and effectiveness of health care worldwide as it brings down the overall cost for everyone. What this means for your business is ease-of-access to today’s thought leaders and cutting-edge research to create tomorrow’s solutions.

Institute for Surgical Advancement Prototype Lab

Health Village is a creative space for physicians, engineers, researchers and other health care professionals to bring their ideas for the development of new medical equipment to life.

The members of The Institute for Surgical Advancement (ISA) Prototype Lab team are vital to making those medical device concepts a reality. They use the latest technology, such as 3D printers, to help inventors develop, test and refine their latest ideas to improve clinical techniques and outcomes.

Center for Innovative Patient Care (CIPC)

An inpatient living laboratory maximizing patient care and recovery.

AdventHealth Center for Innovative Patient Care (CIPC) is a living laboratory in a patient environment allowing for real-time research and development to offer the very best for our patients and their loved ones. Bringing together advanced technologies and systems to deliver better health care and improve outcomes, this powerful platform supports devices that better monitor and respond to caregiver and patient needs. Projects include workforce flow analysis, the use of lighting to reduce patient falls and the use of RFID to track hand hygiene.

Many of these unique methods and devices have been developed through our collaborative partnerships. The concept stage is the ideal time to connect with us. Joint collaboration is crucial to advancing the development and delivery of new products and research opportunities. This is your opportunity to partner with us today to improve patient care with the leaders in innovation to improve health care access, reduce costs and provide better care.


One of the world’s most technologically advanced combined operating rooms and imaging centers.

AdventHealth’s InnovatOR (IOR) Suite is one of the world’s most technologically advanced operating rooms, and it’s a centerpiece of the Neuroscience Institute at AdventHealth Orlando. Its purpose is twofold – to provide the region’s best clinical setting for interventional neurosurgeries and to serve as the perfect place for pioneering minds and partnering organizations to innovate and unlock the mysteries of the human brain.

The IOR is made up of two operating suites featuring an exceptionally powerful and precise 18,000-pound MRI that travels between rooms to provide real-time imaging of surgery-in-progress. Thanks to this new technology, patients no longer have to be transported to a different area for post-surgery scanning. A surgeon can check for any issues while the patient is still on the operating table dramatically reducing both the chance of infection and the need for additional surgeries.

Nicholson Center

A global clinical education and training center offering simulation, wet and dry labs, education center and digital learning.

The Nicholson Center is a hands-on, living laboratory for health care advancement, devoted primarily to furthering the skills of health care professionals. Utilizing state-of-the-art surgical suites and labs, plus advanced medical simulation robotics and learning centers, medical professionals can acquire and advance their skills in a highly collaborative surgical learning environment.

Featuring two locations onsite at hospitals in Celebration and Health Village in Orlando, life-saving surgery can be studied in the OR and practiced in the lab. In addition, the Nicholson Center specializes in both in person and online CME education and broadcasting. Offering the opportunity to web stream educational events or live surgeries anywhere in the world.

For the past decade the Nicholson Center has trained more than 50,000 clinical learners on innovative clinical techniques. The Center is growing the next worldwide generation of clinical knowledge, technology and medical treatments. Both locations provide a safe training environment for the first performance tests of devices developed in the Institute for Surgical Advancement Prototype Lab.

AdventHealth University

Provides a real-world education experience in 17 distinguished programs for more than 2,200 students.

Located in Orlando, Florida, AdventHealth University works with AdventHealth to provide a real-world education experience in 17 distinguished programs, many in the Allied Health Care fields. AdventHealth University works closely with AdventHealth in downtown Orlando within Health Village to give students the clinical experience and world-class facilities that only a major medical center can provide.

Students have access to leading edge technology and labs. With more than 2,000 students attending the University, your company will have a steady talent pipeline of knowledgeable health care and technology-focused employees for years to come.

AdventHealth Innovation Lab

A vital center of innovation that uses design thinking to solve the most pressing health care challenges.

The AdventHealth Innovation Lab in Health Village is an embodiment of our co-creative approach in action. With design thinking at its core, the Innovation Lab is an incubator of ideas where some of the biggest challenges we face within the delivery of health care are solved. Teams of doctors, nurses, directors, administrators – and anyone who has an idea of how to improve the services we provide – work together toward the improvement of patient care.

The Innovation Lab’s creative space and collaborative atmosphere galvanize the thought processes of each team for the task at hand. This is where we work with collaborators to improve critical aspects of health care gathering empathy from end-users, co-developing products, developing use cases and much, much more. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish here.

Big Data

Our Data team systematically integrates and makes sense of the data we collect and analyze to accelerate reporting and streamline decision making.

Anchored by the huge patient population of AdventHealth, we offer one-of-a-kind access to real-time patient data across the continuum of care to our preferred AdventHealth Health Village partners. And since Orlando’s demographics mirror the larger U.S. population, we are a great “test tube” location for national roll outs.

As the largest Medicare provider in the U.S., we also offer a unique senior population which often means multiple diagnoses, creating an excellent test group for clinical trials. The Orlando population is ahead of the curve in the Florida-zation of the Globe, providing vital, real-world data and statistics to the rest of the world.

AdventHealth Orlando

Formerly known as Florida Hospital Orlando, AdventHealth Orlando in Health Village is an internationally renowned hospital that specializes in life-saving medical treatments, preventative care and pioneering research.

AdventHealth for Children in Health Village

We’re home to more than 135 highly skilled pediatric physicians and offer expertise in more than 35 pediatric subspecialties.

AdventHealth for Women in Health Village

We offer personalized women’s care designed for every stage of life. Our services include comprehensive OB care, advanced gynecology surgery, pelvic health services and more.

AdventHealth Cancer Institute in Health Village

We offer you a comprehensive continuum of cancer care — from disease prediction and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and cutting-edge research. This includes medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology and whole-person care.

AdventHealth Cardiovascular Institute in Health Village

Whether your condition is simple or complex, acute or chronic, our Orlando hospital has the technology and expertise to help diagnose and treat it. Our nationally ranked cardiovascular program provides world-class medical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities.

AdventHealth Diabetes Institute in Health Village

Feeling whole when you have diabetes is all about creating balance in your life. We provide unique and personalized programs that focus on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management that put you back in control of your health.

AdventHealth Digestive Health & Surgery Institute in Health Village

We are a comprehensive, multidisciplinary institute specializing in treating complex disorders of the digestive system including gastrointestinal cancers, IBD and obesity.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic capabilities, innovative therapies and minimally invasive surgical techniques. And through extensive research and collaboration, our highly skilled surgeons have pioneered laparoscopic, robotic and endoscopic procedures that are quickly becoming the standard of care around the world.


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AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute in Health Village

From minimally invasive brain surgery and spine disorder care to epilepsy and stroke treatment, we provide multidisciplinary medical care in our Central Florida hospital.

AdventHealth Orthopedic Institute in Health Village

Our team of experts specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of some of the most complex injuries and disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system.

AdventHealth Transplant Institute in Health Village

Our transplant team has worked tirelessly to create one of the nation’s finest destinations for those in need of lifesaving organ transplantation. We offer a wide range of transplant options and a comprehensive donor program.

Pelvic Rehabilitation in Health Village

If you need treatment for musculoskeletal and pelvic floor dysfunction, the specially trained therapists at AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab can help

With extensive knowledge and advanced training in pelvic rehabilitation techniques, we can provide one-on-one care to meet your individual needs.

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Physical & Occupational Therapy in Health Village

We create personalized, care plans that seek to optimize health, healing and independence.

At AdventHealth Orlando, formerly Florida Hospital Orlando, our experienced, multidisciplinary team of physical therapists and other rehabilitation experts is dedicated to meeting the physical, cognitive and psychological needs of patients overcoming disease or injury.

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Imaging & Radiology in Health Village

At AdventHealth Orlando, formerly Florida Hospital Orlando, we provide safe, high-quality medical imaging services with a proven record of superior accuracy.

Our team of board-certified, subspecialized radiologists is experienced in identifying a high volume of common and obscure conditions. All of our technologists participate in rigorous, continued-education programs and have earned certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Additionally, our medical imaging suite is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), ensuring that we adhere to the highest levels of quality and radiation safety.

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Surgical Services in Health Village

At AdventHealth Orlando, formerly Florida Hospital Orlando, our general surgery team has created a compassionate, patient-centered environment designed to provide personalized medical, emotional and spiritual support to each one of our patients.

We are proud to have some of the finest surgeons, nurses and staff who are leaders in their respective fields. Anesthesia is administered by board-certified anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists through the AdventHealth Department of Anesthesiology. And, our clinical-support team is here to answer any questions you may have about your procedure and familiarize you with the people who will provide your care before, during and after surgery.

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Emergency Services in Health Village

At AdventHealth Orlando, formerly Florida Hospital Orlando, we have built one of the largest comprehensive emergency rooms in the United States designed to maximize quality and efficiency of care.

Our 62,000-square-foot facility is capable of treating 90,000 emergency cases a year — including thoracic and general surgery, orthopedics, neurology and neurosurgery, cardiology, pediatrics and internal medicine. Plus, an integrated medical-imaging center reduces the time it takes to perform vital MRI, CT and PET scans.

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Psychiatric Services in Health Village

At AdventHealth Orlando, formerly Florida Hospital Orlando, we know that feeling whole is about achieving a synergy between physical, emotional and spiritual health.

When one is out of balance, it is challenging to live out your best life. That’s why our holistic approach to behavioral and mental health care treats body, mind and spirit. Our team of highly qualified and experienced psychiatrists, nurses and support staff offer a full range of inpatient and outpatient services, including initial evaluations, psychotherapy, medication management, and pediatric and geriatric psychiatric services. And as part of the AdventHealth Orlando network of care, you are connected to an extensive list of specialists in nearly every medical discipline who can help you feel whole once again.

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Genetic Testing in Health Village

From disease prevention to diagnosis to treatment, genomics is the future of medicine and will be an essential component of all health care.

What if doctors could uncover your risk for disease and help you prevent it? Or determine whether a therapy or dose of medicine will be effective for your specific health needs? What if your health care plan was based on a sample size of 1 – just you? With genomic profiles, physicians and researchers can determine with unprecedented accuracy if someone is at risk for cancer, heart disease and other conditions. Earlier this year, we began laying the foundation for our comprehensive program — AdventHealth Genomics and Personalized Health — which will ultimately provide comprehensive genomics testing, analysis, interpretation and genetic counseling services. When it comes to treating the whole person, our genomics program will deliver on the renewed focus we promised during the launch of our new brand, AdventHealth. We believe personalized medicine that focuses on the whole person is superior health care and nothing is more personal than your DNA. At AdventHealth, we believe knowledge is power.

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Lab Services in Health Village

AdventHealth lab care includes 15 (and growing) Central Florida locations.

To make your appointments even more convenient, Lab Care offers online appointment scheduling through This website also provides each laboratory's location and hours, test instructions, a complete list of accepted insurances and quick online bill payment. For those that want to speak to a client services representative, Lab Care is available 24/7 via phone at 407-303-8561 or toll-free at 800-406-0736.

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Spa services in Health Village

If you’re going through cancer treatment or are a cancer survivor, let us help you feel restored.

Every service and product is designed with you in mind and may be covered by most insurance plans. You’ll find all-natural skin care products and cosmetics, organic hair color and specialty garments at the only therapeutic spa in Central Florida offering rejuvenation services for cancer patients and survivors.

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Collaboration with AdventHealth Physicians

AdventHealth Medical Group is the Central Florida area’s most comprehensive, multi-specialty medical group practice.

With nearly 600 board-certified physicians, the group provides patients with a broad range of medical and surgical services across more than 176 medical specialties. Our team includes world-renowned specialists who actively train surgeons around the world, develop the talents of young physicians in our elite residency programs, deliver insightful seminars to industry leaders and publish groundbreaking articles that have helped to transform health care. Our 80+ neighborhood-based practices throughout Flagler, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia counties are focused on serving the physical, mental and spiritual health needs of every patient.

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